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Exploration and Production

Switch on to energy efficiency

Reducing the amount of energy a company uses is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to save money as well as help with the battle on carbon emissions.

Measurement is first step

Measuring energy was once considered a difficult, expensive exercise that had little or no bearing on practical production.But with power monitoring equipment now so readily available at affordable prices varying from simple local power analysers to full scale realtime data logging software it should be your first port of call when cutting expenses. Once you're able to measure power, you're able to control it.

Troy Panels also have a Mobile temporary power analyser available for rental


Power factor correction

With many industries using a large number of "inductive" AC motors and light fittings within their buildings, this can have a substantial effect on energy costs. This can often be seen on utility suppliers bills as "wattless hours" which you are being penalised for.

With a power factor correction unit you can counteract this phenomonen by adding capacitance to cancel the inductance which causes the wattless hours. PFC Units can often pay for themselves in a matter of months regardless of the initial cost.

Variable speed drives


With motors often taking the lions share of energy in heavy industry (pumps, fans etc) then managing the energy to the motors can make a signicant saving, as often motors do not need to be running at full speed all of the time.

The simple rule of thumb shows that a reduction in speed of 10% reduces the energy used by some 27% and if the speed is reduced by 20%, there is a 50% reduction in energy consumed.


Know your process

The Best way to save energy is to understand your business's energy consuption inside out - knowing how much energy each part uses, what is neccessary and what is being wasted. By following four simple steps, any comapany can reduce carbon emmissions and energy consumption

�?Review the process
�?Collect and analyse data
�?Recommendation and implementation
�?Continual Review