Engineering Quality

Having strong supplier relationship has been fundamental in ensuring quality products from troy panels. We have taken special care to deal with world renowned brands as they can offer us their proven, time tested, switchgear and panel systems.

Using cheaper, unrecognised brands is not an option for us as we feel that product failure or switchgear which is no longer obtainable reflects badly on the good name of troy panels.







Allen - Bradley



Specialist Supply partners


As a panel builder it is imperative for us to be assoicated with highly regarded established Brands and are very proud to be official supply partners with hager(panel systems) and Control techniques (variable speed drive VSD)

As well as supplying these brands we can also offer technical back-up and service requests.
As a panels builder it is critical to us to use a very high spec system while still being price competitive and hager panel systems meet that criteria.

With hager universe and quadro systems we can offer a solution from Form 1 all they way upto Form 4, and with hager having a base in ireland we can get a very quick turnaround in delivery of these systems.



Emerson is a leading manufacturer of AC and DC variable speed drives, servos and power conversion technologies for commercial and industrial applications.

Their innovative products are used in the most demanding applications, requiring performance, reliability and energy efficiency.